Malela Mental health talk

Females: women, mothers and young women are the gate keepers of the universe.
When empowered, then be rest assured that the whole society is empowered.
Our team through ADS had a mental health talk with women and mothers from ACK, Malela Parish in Homabay county.
In our Mental health talks we create safe spaces for everyone. We allow everyone to share their experiences,  wisdom and words of advice. We learn from each other. And that is beauty of it all!
A lot of lessons learnt from the younger generation to the older generation. The women were impressed and expressed their gratitude, admitting to now understanding what mental health really means, how to identify mental health issues, the causes of mental health issues and how to treat, manage and avoid mental health issues.
Did you know that even in the Bible there were people battling and dealing with mental health issues?
Mental health knows no age, race nor religion. We can all be affected directly or indirectly.
We urged them to be mental health awareness ambassadors in their communities.

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