Sexual Reproductive & Mental Health Sessions

The last couple of months has seen a bevy of SHR and mental health activities within Homabay county. With the help of our donors and partners.

SEP health and education team, together with the trained trainees from the SEP ladies football club held sessions at Daraja Primary school, Owens education center,  K’otieno primary school and Mwamba primary school. The sessions targeted girls and boys aged between 9-14 years old.

Sexual Reproductive Health entails the topic of abstinence and making healthy choices.

It also includes the physical, emotional and sexual development at puberty. The girls and boys were taught about HIV & Aids , its definitions and the risky situations that may lead to contracting HIV and early pregnancies. Using the SWAT method they can say NO to the risky situations.

Menstrual health hygiene is one of our core initiatives. Our team shared knowledge with young boys and girls.

Girls were taught on how to carry themselves during their menses, what options they have to use and how to maintain hygiene during their periods.  They were taught how to use both disposable and reusable sanitary pads. Boys on the other hand, were taught on what girls go through and how to handle and support the girls during their menses. After the sessions, all the girls were given free sanitary pads to use, while boys were given stationery.


During our mental health talks, we talk about self confidence and self esteem.

The sessions included topics on negative and positive ways of coping with stress. Mental health talks also included creating safe spaces and communicating stressful situations with trusted people/person. It is important to instill these habits to the girls and boys at a young age so that when and as, they grow up they’re well equipped to face anything the world has to present, as well make healthy mental choices and taking care of it.

Mental health facilitator Ms.Shantal educating the girls and boys

We strive to bring positive change and impact in our community through these programs by creating more awareness among the young boys and girls.



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