Rachuonyo District Hospital Mental health talk

COVID 19 pandemic took a toll on all of us. It brought out the best and the worst in most of us.
Worst hit were the medical professionals. They were directly affected in one way or the other.
With the support of Redcross through Anglican Dioceses of Nyanza (ADS), we indulge the health workers from Rachuonyo District Hospital on how the COVID-19 pandemic affected their mental health.
We talk about the importance of being aware their mental health after the pandemic. By offering and creating a safe space, we share on the individual effects on their mental health, such as loss of many colleagues and patients, stigma and being overwhelmed during this period.
We encouraged each other on ways to take care of their mental health as they carry on their duties at the health center.
A healthy mental status is key for them, hence the need to create awareness among the health workers.
We appreciate them for being on the forefront of the pandemic.

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