SRH, HIV/AIDS, CONTRACEPTIVES & MHM sessions at Old town-Kendu bay .

Old town, Kendubay in Homabay county.
Early sexual debut and the rapid growth of teenage mothers is the norm here.
SEP SRH staff and volunteers visited the young girls and mothers to have an interactive and educative session.
During the session, we talked to the young mothers and girls about ways of protecting and preventing themselves from contracting HIV/AIDS by use of PREP and PEP accordingly.
Additionally, we talked about different family planning methods by the use of contraceptives, particularly the use of condoms. Condoms are more effective as they prevent them from unplanned pregnancies and STIs /STDs.
Menstrual hygiene management was part of the session, as we taught them how to use and wash the reusable sanitary pads.
After the session, we donated reusable sanitary pads to them and gave condoms to those who wanted.

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