SRH , MHM & GBV sessions at Ebenezer primary school

At Ebenezer primary school, in Rodi, Homabay County, the SEP SRH staff and volunteers had an interactive session with both young adolescent girls and boys with the aim of imparting knowledge and awareness on different societal issues that affect them.
During the sessions, we taught the girls and boys about the changes that occur in their bodies during puberty.
Menstrual health and hygiene is an integral part of these sessions and we taught the girls about the menstruation process, how to maintain hygiene during their menses, and how to use, dispose and take care of their disposable and reusable sanitary pads.
As advocates of abstinence in young adolescents,, we enlightened them on risks of engaging in early unprotected intercourse, which included contracting HIV/AIDS, STIs & STDs, early pregnancies among others.
Gender based violence, for instance rape, was also discussed. We discussed how to avoid risky situations and how to handle such situations incase they happen to any of them.
Our sessions ended with the team donating the #Sulwe_Reusable_Pads to the girls. stationery and books to the boys.

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