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Global Hand Washing Day 2023 in Homabay County

Global Hand washing Day (GHD) is an international hand washing promotion campaign to motivate and mobilize people around the world to improve their hand washing habits. This day aims to make people around the world aware of the importance of washing their hands with soap and clean running water in order to prevent diseases and infections.

SEP in partnership with USAID WKSP, AMREF, UNICEF, County Government of Homabay & Ministry of Health celebrated this day in Rangwe, Homabay county. 

This activity was aimed to achieve our objectives in sensitizing and increasing uptake in MHM and WASH activities in Homa bay county

This year’s Global Handwashing day was held on 16TH of September 2023, at Nyagoro chiefs camp,  Kobonyo Upper village, Kochia ward, Rangwe sub-county in Homabay county.

In attendance were; Representatives from the County, SCPHOs, WPHOs, SCWASH Coordinator, CHAs, CHPs, AMREF representative, UNICEF representative, Health workers at ward level, pupils from both Alara Korayo and Nyajanja primary & villagers

While addressing the crowd, the Guest of honor, expounded on the importance of observing the theme which was, Clean hands are within reach.


 All the participants  present were taken through various ways of keeping their hands clean – hand washing procedures, the importance of ensuring that they keep clean hands every time and some of the dangers and diseases associated with dirty hands. The need to keep neat clean nails and general body hygiene also came out clearly during the session.


On the same note, SEP staff highlighted issues regarding MHM and the importance of cleanliness and use of clean menstrual products, and the need to increase access and uptake of the same. Another key message was that Menstruation is no longer a women’s issue, but a collective responsibility of everyone in the community, thus there shouldn’t be any form of shame, stigma or discrimination.


On the innovative use of Football Life Skill Drills, SEP displayed the Germ Attack Game – a game that demonstrates how germs hide in the fingers, and the power of soap to attack and kill them. The game was played by both the pupils, CHPs and even SCPHOs present.  The game emphasized on the use of soap in cleaning or washing hands, with clean running water.

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