SEP Ladies Football Team

SEP has a girls’ soccer tournament every month of April. This attracts over 15 girls’ teams Nationwide.

SEP also hosts the National Annual Soccer Tournament and Educational Camp every month of August. This attracts up to 20 teams across the country. (SEP receives over 30 applications to this effect, but due to lack of adequate capacity/shortage of funding, we only pick at most 20 for the event).

SEP hosts HIV/AIDS tournament every 1st of December every year. This is a fun game, usually small-sided games with Football-three methodology.

Football-three is a method that supports in-depth learning as well as promoting fair play rule.

SEP organises for Football Leadership Training in such areas like:

  • Football Coaching
  • Football Refereeing
  • First Aid
  • Events Planning and Management


  • SEP Girls has been successfully registered in the Kenya Premier League.
  • Girls in this part of Kenya, Oyugis, have been sidelined in talent development, hence this will be the opportunity to make the girls show that they are an important part of the community, people with talent who can compete Nationally and achieve results.
  • We want the girls from the Oyugis region to be seen as reliable role models to other young girls.

Planned Activities:

  • Expand on resource mobilization focusing on soccer equipment so as to sustain and expand soccer programmes in the area
  • Reach out to various institutions for financial support to help support and sustain SEP Girls Soccer in the Premier League.
  • Sustain Soccer activities in the existing seven SEP soccer zones – Local Primary Schools.
  • Participate in both National and International Soccer Fora

Projected Income Expenditure of the Programme:

With the above-said activities, it is projected that every little funding support will count as follows:

  • April Soccer Event – US$2500 – Will support 15 girls tournament for two days
  • August National Soccer and Educational Camp – US$5000 – Will support the event of 20 teams for three days
  • December Aids Tournament – US$1500 – Will support the one-day event for 20 teams
  • Soccer Related Trainings – US$4500 – Will support 4 different training in a year
  • Soccer Equipment – Sending any used soccer equipment will add great value
  • SEP Girls Premier League – US$15000 – Will support SEP Girls’ Participation in Premier

League for 1 season. (A year has two seasons)