Jos Schaart




About Me:

Education & Training

I’m Jos Schaart. I got the opportunity to work as an intern at Society Empowerment Project (SEP) in the year 2014.

As a sports management student from Hanze University, Netherlands, my roles were as follows;

  1. Sports events planning and management – This was very useful for SEP National Annual Soccer tournament and educational camp. I helped plan and manage an event that brought together a total of 20 teams across the country, consisting of 10 girls’ teams.
  2. Planning and delivering coaching sessions for boys’ teams of under 14, 15 and 17 of age.
  3. Planning and delivering coaching courses – workshops to the SEP coaching staff, using the KNVB methodology.

Based on my solid educational foundation and passion for sports and fitness I was in charge of talent acquisition and training, program development, monitoring and enhancing performance and other sporting events and programs. The few years I spent at SEP taught me that there is no manual in football and especially when nurturing young talents.

The experience I treasure the most is training the U14 team because from that I learn a lot about the sport, growth, talents and life as a whole.

At this age, it is very possible to plan and deliver sports-based life skills coaching sessions. Through sport, we impart courage, teamwork, discipline and many other skills vital for a person to live a better life. Training kids challenges you to want to learn more ways of speaking in a language they can understand.

You have to know them individually and tailor you’re training in a way that can cater for each of their needs. From this, I have learned patience, empathy, passion and has made me a better communicator, instructor and coach. I am currently the CRS Manager at FC Emmen, Netherlands.